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Nigeria Export Processing Zones Authority ...Hallmark of export manufacturing in Africa

Steps to Setting up a Free Zone

  • STEP 1:    Application
  • Submission of Application letter, documents and evidence of payment of $1000 to the Authority for processing of application.
  • STEP 2:    Review of Application
  • Internal review of the submitted documents.
  • STEP 3:    Site Inspection
  • Site inspection of the proposed site by staff of the Authority (based on report of site inspection, the application may be recommended for the next step.
  • STEP 4:    Recommendation to Minister
  • Recommendation will be passed to the President by Minister for final approval.
  • STEP 5:    Presisential Approval
  • Recommendation to Mr President for approval in line with the NEPZA Act.
  • STEP 6:    Official Declaration
  • Issuance of Free Zone Declaration License.