• Africa's Largest Market
  • Abundant Natural Resources
  • Excellent Location
  • AGOA Benefits on over 6500 Products
  • Preferential Quotas and Tariffs
  • Abundant Skilled Labour

How to Participate in Nigeria's Free Zones:

Procedures for obtaining a Free Zone Developer/Promoter License

  • Application letter indicating interest to establish a zone and its location
  • Payment of US$1,000.00 or its Naira equivalent to NEPZA H/Q as application fee
  • Inspection of proposed site by NEPZA Officials
  • Once site is inspected and satisfactory, the Investor is expected to submit the following:

  1. An unencumbered piece of land with Certificate of Occupancy;
  2. Perimeter and topographic survey of the site;
  3. Master Plan of the proposed site;
  4. Environmental Impact Assessment Report;
  5. Detailed Feasibility Study. Issues to be covered by the study should include amongst others:

  • Brief description of the project
  • Names and Resumes of the Promoter/Directors
  • Location and site of the Free Zone
  • Economic viability
  • Marketing strategy
  • Financial viability
  • Sources of funding
  • Project Development Plan

Download the full checklist

Kindly note that all fees are subject to review from time to time without notice.

Procedures for obtaining Free Zone Enterprise License

Investors interested in locating in one of Nigeria's Free Trade Zones are only required to follow a few simple steps:

Complete an application form which can be downloaded online or collect from the administration of the free zone or from NEPZA HQ in Abuja, with a non-refundable fee of US$500 or its Naira equivalent.
Submit completed application form to the Zone Administration or NEPZA Office in Abuja along with required Project Plan/Feasibility Study. Application will be reviewed and either approved or returned with observations within five (5) working days.
On approval of application, an Operating License (OPL) will be issued by the Free Zone Administration. Being licensed by the Authority constitutes registration and no further registration is required with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). It is at this point that the Free Zone Administration will discuss your site location and assign or reserve a space for you.
Remit your investment capital through banks located in the zones which will in turn issue a Certificate of Capital Importation.
Prepare your building or warehouse space. Investors who are constructing their own buildings must submit four (4) copies of full architectural drawings for approval by Zone Management according to established building codes. Built-up spaces should not exceed 70% of the leased land, and construction should start within three (3) months after execution of agreement.
Move in and operate. Government has designed the process to be as streamlined and user friendly as possible. Some companies may have some additional procedure to follow such as obtaining permission for their foreign nationals and employees which can be done at the immigration desk offices in the free zones.