Inactive Free Zone

S/NName  Location  Sponsor/Developer  Land Size (Hectares)  Year of Designation  SpecialtyStatus  
1 Ibom Science & Tech. FZ Akwa Ibom State Govt. 122.137 2006 Science & Technology Under Construction
2 Olokola Free Trade Zone Ondo & Ogun State Govts./Private 10,000 2004 Oil & Gas Manufacturing Under Construction
3 Living Spring Free Zone Osun State Govt. 1607.86 2006 Manufacturing, Trading and Warehouse Under Construction
4 Brass LNG Free Zone Bayelsa Fed. Govt./Private 304.245 2007 Liquified Natural Gas Dev. yet to commence
5 Banki Border Free Zone Borno State Govt. 500   Manufacturing, Warehousing, Trading The Sponsor yet to be committed
6 Oils Integrated Logistics Services Free Zone Lagos Private Oil Field Industry Support Service Ltd 1000 2004 Marine, Logistics, Support Services for offshore Oil Repairs Operational License Suspended
7 Specialized Railway Industrial FTZ Ogun State Govt. 14,037 2007 Rail Cargo Transport Dev. yet to commence
8 Imo Guangdong FTZ Imo State Govt. 1399.27 2007 Manufacturing Dev. yet to commence
9 Kwara Free Zone Kwara State Govt. 355.587 2009 Trading, Warehousing Physical Dev. Yet to commence
10 Koko Free Trade Zone Delta State Govt. 2327.29 2009 Manufacturing Physical Dev. Yet to commence
11 Oluyole Free Zone Oyo State Govt. 1374.5 2000 Manufacturing Physical Dev yet to Commence
12 Ibom Industrial Free Zone Akwa Ibom State Govt.   2012 Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Trading Services Physical Dev. yet to commence
13 Badagry Creek Integrated Park Lagos Kaztec Engineering 531 2014 Fabrication Under Construction
14 Ogindigbe Gas Revolution Industrial Park (GRIP) Delta Alpha GRIP Dev. Co. 2506.03 2014 Petrochemical, Fertilizer, Manufacturing and Gas Processing related activities Under Construction
15 Ogogoro Industrial Park Lagos Digisteel 52 2014 Oil & Gas, Fabrication, Oil & Gas Vessels, Logistics Under Construction
16 Ondo Industrial City Ondo Ondo State Govt 2771.2 2015 Petro-Chemical & Manufacturing Under Construction
17 Nasco Town Free Trade Zone Lagos Private 292.428 2017 Manufacturing, Warehouseing, Trading Under Construction
18 Tinapa Free Zone & Resort Calabar Public 265 2006 Trading & Tourism Inactive
19 Maigatari Border Free Zone Jigawa Public 214 2000 Manufacturing, Warehousing Inactive
20 Eyimba Economic City Free Zone Abia PPP 9803 2018 Industries, health/wellness, knowledge & innovation, commercial activities, hospitality, residential, entertainment and recreation Under Construction